Welcome to The Inn at Bedruthan

Hi All,

Thank you for looking at our website for an update.

We are closed at the moment as we are working on plans to re-develop this site. We have been much delayed due to circumstances partly out of our control However, we do hope to have an application in to the planning department within the next two weeks.

When we bought the old Bedruthan House Hotel, we knew it was 'somewhat dated!' We embarked on some modest modernisation so that we could trade whilst having time to gauge what needed to be done here to improve the site and extend the holiday season.

We soon came to the conclusion that the best course of action would be to knock the old building down and replace it with modern, sustainable holiday homes and a smaller cafe/bar. 

We submitted a pre application last year and have amended our plans accordingly.

The application to Cornwall Council will consist of 8 detached high spec units, plus the cafe/bar all of which will make the most of the location and outstanding views from here.

We will post another update when we know some more.


Andy and H



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